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Directives :

Package purchase

  • Go to the internet access of Zec Kipawa "zeckipawa.reseauzec.com"
Please note that there is a 3% administration fee on all online purchases.
  • Access online services.
The membership card is included in the annual packages.
  • You must create a user ID and password to purchase a package or make a registration.
Identify your dependents to avoid additional fees.
  • Package Purchase - Go to "Choose a package". 
You must always have a paper copy of your bill with you.


Purchase of short stay package

  • For the purchase of a package short stays follow the steps of the registration and an invoice will be automatically generated according to the number of days of selected activities.

The campsite is not included in the packages, add camping activity fees if applicable.


Non-computerized post

If you purchased your package via a non-computerized item you can not register online.

  • Computerized stations : Béarn, Belleterre, Restigo et purchase on line.



  • Registration - Go to « Register »  
The registration form for your stay can be completed and printed up to 5 days before your arrival.
You must always have a copy of your registration with you.

At your exit, you must fill in your registration: dates and times of exit, the place of your catches, the total captured by species, the number consumed and kept.

There are three ways to submit your registration :

  • Return to info@zeckipawa.ca.
  • Sumit your form to a self-registration station.
  • Give to an open reception station.

***Do not return this registration form duly completed
at the exit, constitutes an offense punishable by a fine.***

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