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des Aventuriers (Adventurer)

This circuit combines the interesting smooth paddling and history of the Tuk Tuk route with some exciting white water on the Kipawa River. This trip offers a variety of paddling and fascinating features. From the Algonquin history at Hunter’s Point to the graves of the souls that lost their lives moving timber down the Kipawa rapids, this route is rich in history and beauty.

Length of the trail : 190 km

Type : Loop of 12 to 14 days

Difficulty : 2 à 3 (easy to medium due to the length)

Landscape : 5 (Wonderful)

Starting Lake : Ostaboningue

Arrival Lake : Ostaboningue

Danger : Séjour prolongé en territoire sauvage et eau non potable.

Interest : Long expedition, the furious Turner's falls and crystal clear waters of the lake du Bouleau and Pommeroy.

Canoeing Periode : All summer

Acces : 40 km of gravel on the penetration and Ostaboningue's road from Béarn. Accessible by car or truck.

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