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Cigarette named after a cigarette shaped lake, offers a variety of interesting lakes, marshes, streams and beaches to explore. Lake Ogascanane offers the opportunity to bathe in the beauty of absolute exotic style white sand beaches. You can also find
green sand on a remote island here. This trip offers many different things to discover over a short distance with a few portages

Length : 31 km

Type : Loop of 3 to 4 days

Difficulty : 3 (medium)

Landscape : 4 (Superb)

Starting Lake :  Lac des Loups or lac Long

Arrival Lake : Lac des Loups or lac Long

Danger : very long porterage.

Interest : Ogascanane's beaches and a lot of Bald Eagle.

Canoeing Period : All summer.

Access :  From Béarn, you have to go to 123km on penetration road. After, take Lac des Loups road and go to 11,5 km. Accessible by car or truck.

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