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Hunting & fishing quotas


Specie(s) Quota and Modalities Segment(s) Engine(s) Period
Moose 1 moose for 2 hunters Female, Male, Calf Bow, Crossbow Sep 21 to Oct 6, 2019
Moose 1 moose for 2 hunters Female, Male, Calf Bow, Crossbow, Gun Oct 12 to 20, 2019
Moose 1 moose for 2 hunters Female, Male, Calf Bow, Crossbow, Muzzle-loading guns Oct 21 to 27, 2019
Black Bear 1 bear per hunter No restriction Bow, Crossbow, Gun May 15 to Jun 30, 2019
Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse 5 birds per day, possession limit 15 No restriction Gun Sep 21, 2019 to Jan 15, 2020
Hare No limit No restriction Bow, Crossbow, Gun, Snare Sep 21, 2019 to Mar 31, 2020

Hunting zone : 13

Hunting statistics : Download


Fishing regulations in the territory of the Zec Kipawa

  • You can fish freely on all body of water with a flat fee;
  • Live baith fish is prohibited;
  • Trouts can be output in whole or fillets. The fish must be                                                                                  identified and counted (a piece of skin must adhere to the net);
  • The method to measure the walleye is the total length.


Regulation affecting the walleye!

It is prohibited to keep or have in his possession a walleye less than 37 cm (14½ inches) or more than 53 cm (21 inches) in length from the lakes of the Zec Kipawa.

The walleyes should be transported in whole or in fillets cut into portfolio. This is to enable identification of the species of walleye and determination of the total length. The two nets must be more than 28 cm (11 inches) and less than 40 cm (15½ inches) in length. These should be measured from the tip of the tail inside the home base of the pectoral fin. Nets must be connected by the caudal (tail) fin and pectoral fins and skin must adhere to the net.

For more information : mffp.gouv.qc.ca/the-wildlife/hunting-fishing-trapping/quebec-walleye-management-plan-2016-2026

Specie(s) Quota Period
Bass 6 Jun 15 to Sep 16, 2019
Northern Pike 6 May 17 to Oct 20, 2019
Walleye 6 May 17 to Oct 20, 2019
Brook Trout 10 May 17 to Sep 15, 2019
Lake Trout 2 May 17 to Sep 15, 2019
Yellow Perch 50 May 17 to Oct 13, 2019

Fishing zone : 13 Ouest
Fishing statistics : Download