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Brousse (Bush)

Brousse is known in English as the Outback. There are a lot of challenging portages including one over a beaver dam that connect fabulous remoted lakes and rivers. Landscapes are spectacular and varied. From the Lac des Six Îles' fjord to the winding shoreline scenery of the Cerise River, the landscape lends itself to a memorable experience.

Length of the trail : 58 km

Type : Loop of 4 to 5 days

Difficulty : 3 (medium)

Landscape : 4 (Superb)

Starting Lake : Ostaboningue

Arrival Lake : Ostaboningue

Danger : Muddy, dirty and difficult porterages, there are not a lot of campsites and non-drinking water.

Interest : Den heron near the lake Six miles and the magnificent falls of the lake North.

Canoeing Period : All summer

Acces : 40 km of gravel on the penetration and Ostaboningue's road from Béarn. Accessible by car or truck.

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